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Beaded Hedera WIP 7

I have to admit that I am super jealous of my Aunt currently because of how these socks are turning out. They are so super sparkly and now that I have the technique of putting beads on with a sewing needle and thread instead of a crochet hook, it is going a lot faster. I also switched from using my trusty DPNs to using my tiny nine inch circular needle. It makes it easier for me to knit with the odd number of repeats I have. Of course, it is a little awkward at the beginning and I had to do my beaded cast-on using a single DPN, but it is smoother in the long run.

My fiancé finally talked me into watching Marvel’s Jessica Jones and I have to admit that I am a tiny bit hooked. It is nitty-gritty and from what I’ve seen, Jessica is a bit of a lush, but so far it is less bloody than Daredevil. More enjoyable to watch longer episodes of and knit at the same time. I’m only on episode three, so no spoilers please!

Other than that, the only thing that was interesting during the weekend on the knitting front is that I completely cleaned my closet. I found another place to store my small bin of sock yarn so now it feels more manageable and I’m not knocking around bins every time I want to get dressed for work in the morning. It is difficult to find space for two people in one room, but my fiancé and I manage. As long as he is willing to put up with my yarn habit, I am more than willing to spend the time to clean and organize the closet for him.