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Even though I am trying to stash less and stash more purposefully, I have found out that I am a shopper and a dreamer. I like fantasy shopping when I am stressed out and I like looking at yarn when I fantasy shop. It lets me step back a minute and dream a little bit. So, prepare to be enabled (just a little bit) because I’m going to tell you about my favorite kits from Knit Picks*.


1. The Crafty Kitty Kit

This is such a cute little kit for cat lovers and tea lovers. It comes with a two cup tea cup and eight balls of dishie in kitty colors! The little blurb says that it also comes with a coaster and dishcloth towel pattern. Which if it was for a gift for a kitty loving friend and they didn’t know what to make out of a cotton yarn, those could be useful, but I would rather it just came with the yarn, teapot, and mug. Luckily, for those who are trying to use more of our own yarn, they do sell the cute cat mug separately.

2. The Oakwood Poncho Synthesizer Kit

Ever since I picked up a sarape-styled poncho, I have fallen in love with the style. I find them easy to wear and surprisingly warm without being too warm. They have replaced my love of stealing my fiance’s oversized sweaters (which he likes because he loves wearing his sweaters). So, when I ran across the Oakwood Poncho, I thought it would be a really fun knit in a style that I would actually wear a lot. Finding the Synthesizer Kit was just icing on the cake for me because I love pairing the neon colors against white or black. For those of you who don’t care for neon colors, they do also have a different Stargazer colorway that pairs black, blue, and purple against the same white yarn. Or you can choose any yarn you like (bonus if it is from your stash) since they do sell the pattern separately.


3. The One More Row Stroll Rainbow Kit

I know that since I have started this blog I have been wading in a ton of beautiful neutral colors, but you will just have to trust me when I say that I love rainbows. I really love rainbows. I think that everybody should have at least one pair of rainbow socks because it would be hard not to smile to wear rainbow socks. Imagine my joy when I ran across the One More Row Stroll Rainbow kit! It comes with a rainbow in Stroll Tonal which would make seven lovely solid color socks and a bonus leftover rainbow socks. That would provide a lot of knitting opportunities. And you could keep it in the awesome tote bag and project bag. I wish that they offered the project bag in black with rainbow lettering like the tote bag, but both colors are cute. They also have a One More Row Rainbow kit in Palette which comes with a more extensive rainbow.


4. The Downtown Abbey Kit

For those of you who aren’t Knit Picks fans who keep track of their yarn lines, Knit Picks have introduced their new yarn line: Alpaca Cloud in fingering weight. Normally, when they introduce a new yarn line they like to put out some sampler yarn kits with coordinating colors. This one just so happens to be inspired by the characters from Downtown Abbey. Whether you watch the show or not, the colors are fabulous and you would get enough yarn to make several accessories, a nice shawl, or a fabulous multi-colored sweater with super warm alpaca. Plus, they send you a two-cup teapot and a wire basket so you can display your yarn until you knit with it.

5. The Literary Ladies & Literary Gentlemen Kits

I love books which lead to me being an English major in college which means that the Literary Ladies & Literary Gentlemen Alpaca Cloud kits are very appealing to me. Two separate kits based on our favorite ladies and gentlemen in literature including (but not limited to) Jo from Little Women, Juliette from Romeo & Juliette, Darcy from Pride & Prejudice, and Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights. And just like that you know my taste in classic literature! It also comes with a Jane Austen tote bag/project bag/mug combo and a two-cup teapot. Too bad it doesn’t come with audiobooks with our choice of classic literature or else we would be set for a night of knitting straight out of the box!




*Disclaimer: All photo credits go to Knit Picks. They just provide good yarn at good prices. I’m just a fan and this is not a paid promotion.