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The people living up here in the chilly North Eastern Pennsylvania mountains didn’t really believe that we would be getting a lot of snow from the “so-called massive” snowstorm that blew through town on Saturday. We are perfectly used to getting snow and getting quite a bit of snow. Plus, we were in the area that was supposed to be getting only a couple of inches (maybe four to six if we were lucky). Nobody was really expecting the massive snow dump that ended up grounding all air travel in the area for the entire weekend.

Of course, we knitters are prepared for anything since we often have a stockpile of pretty yarn to work with at all times. Having lots of yarn is really handy in certain situations. Luckily, I resisted the urge to cast-on a new pair of socks since I already had my fiance’s socks on the needles that needed to be finished.


I was one of the unlucky few that had to go out and brave the snowstorm to get my fiance home from work at the local grocery store (who did finally decide it would be smarter to close down after my entire town had nearly shut down because of the storm). After we got home we got to hunker down with warm cups of spiked cocoa, warm tea, and lots of knitting.


Mom & Baylee the Pomeranian out in the snow

Of course, I live in a family where we all go outside and play in the snow together! It is never a real snow day unless we go outside and romp around in the snow for a bit. So, my mom and I took our little Pomeranian out in the snow to play. This is the first year that our Pomeranian can really remember snow, so it was fun to take her outside and see her dive into piles of snow. She mainly hopped around in our footsteps, but she took one big dive into a pile of fresh snow and decided that it was better off inside the warm house where the rest of our family and our cats were. In hindsight, the cats probably had the better idea because the snow was halfway up my leg by the time the snowstorm was over.

Best of all, I got to appreciate the irony that, in the middle of a snowstorm, I was working with a colorway named Glacier.