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Recently, I have been interested in picking up my crochet hook again to use up some of my acrylic leftovers, including a pretty variegated blue/purple that I don’t have very much of. Now, the only thing that I can really crochet well is squares and rectangles in single, double, and triple crochet as well as a few granny squares. The downside is that you can only crochet so many granny squares before you just get bored of them. So, I went searching for other motifs and stumbled across the African Flower motif.

As a crochet beginner, even though I fell in love with this motif, I thought it would be super hard to do. So, I did what every beginner in any craft that doesn’t have a relative to show them what to do did. I went to you-tube for a video tutorial and found a very nice how-to crochet the African Flower motif from the lovely Bella Cocoa (she also has one for cool crochet puff stitch flowers). I am really picky with the voiceovers on craft tutorials and I am very pleased to say that Bella Cocoa will not annoy you with her voice. Instead she sounds soothing and reassuring about what you are doing, which is exactly what I need when I am learning crochet.

So, I found the crochet motif I wanted to do, but I knew I didn’t have enough of the yarn to actually make it into an entire blanket without adding pink. I do want this project to be more “boy friendly” for an adorable little five year old I know and I do know he would be picked on by his older and very rude brother for having any sort of pink in it. I went searching with what I could do and found the African Flower animals by Heidi Bears (on Ravelry of course)


Her designs are just so adorable! She has lots of animals, but for a dinosaur loving five year old (and an equally dinosaur loving twenty six year old) I fell hard for the triceratops. The pattern does call for fingering weight yarn, but I am confident that I can make the same pattern with worsted weight. This way I can use my variegated yarn along with white and light blue to make an awesome little dinosaur that should turn out the perfect size for cuddling. I just have to decide if it will be mostly white or mostly light blue.