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I have been able to crochet for a while now. One night when I was a senior in high school I suffered from about a week of insomnia. That’s when I first picked up a crochet hook and miraculously started crocheting. I have never really had formal instructions past a few brief lessons I barely remember from my Aunt Ruth when I was really, really small. Ever since then, my crochet skills have been about the same. I can do single crochet, double crochet, triple crochet, slip stitch, chaining, crocheting ends in as you go, and my mom taught me how to change colors and do a simple granny square during my first year of college. Past that, I never really looked up how to do anything more advanced. I stayed with knitting because it was easier for me to do and I never really liked the process of crochet.

All of that changed learning how to do these African Flower motifs. They are easy to work even though there are a variety of ways to work them. It really depends on the instructions you use. So far, I have been using Bella Coco’s YouTube tutorial and the instructions from Heidi Bears’ Triceritops pattern (plus the tutorial from her website). I have found some other variations from the internet, but I would like my motifs to match for the entire project, so I will have to try them out later. Right now, I’m just having fun working the motifs up.