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It was sophomore year of college when I stumbled across the Lolita Fashion. I don’t remember how I came across it, but I do remember being enchanted by it the moment I laid eyes on the delicate and ultra girly dresses. I had spent years rejecting everything remotely feminine (except for knitting for some odd reason) and made my stance of having anything resembling a ruffle or a shred of lace well known to everybody who knew me. So, it was odd for me to be completely drawn to this foreign sub-fashion.

I spent the rest of college learning everything I could about the Lolita Fashion (as well as studying for my courses) and decided that while I loved the fashion, I would probably never have a chance to wear anything like it. As much as I liked the skirts and dresses, I just couldn’t imagine having that much spare cash to spend on clothing. So, I resigned myself to wearing regular skirts, polo shirts, and my beloved pair of black Mary Janes in my own self-styled Lolita-inspired wardrobe.

Last weekend, everything changed. My friend and my fiance convinced me that I would have a fabulous time at Zenkaicon, an Anime convention in our state of Pennsylvania out in Amish country. After some planning and a bit of worrying, we finally got there and I was quickly encouraged to go check out the dealers room for a bit of geeky retail therapy.

The normal and expected Anime figures and trinkets were there. Lots of t-shirts with various slogans, tons of cute plush toys with an abundance of alpacas, a fair bit of imported Japanese snacks and treats, some crochet and clothing stalls, and jewelry of all flavors. But then, I turned the corner and saw a simple dress with a book fabric print on the skirt. A simple, handmaid Lolita dress. I instantly wanted it, but I was convinced that I wouldn’t be able to fit into it. My fiance encouraged me to talk to the adorably dressed Lolita seller and she took one look at me and said:

Of course you will be able to fit into it! I even made that one with a plus size cut, so it should be able to fit you easily! Would you like to try it on?

Less than five minutes later I was in the dress and twirling around to make the skirt poof out to see what it would look like in a petticoat. Even without one, the dress looked good on me. I wasn’t sure who had the biggest grin on their face when I purchased it: me, my girl friend, or my fiance.

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Since I work at a library, I couldn’t resist wearing it to work yesterday. It is a modest dress and the only thing really outlandish about it is the amount of lace and the puff sleeves, so I figured I would be able to get away with wearing it. Everybody thought that was the cutest thing and I got several complements on it. I just felt so confident wearing it and the amount of positive comments I got on it really made my day. We even had tours for first graders in the library and they all loved it. To them, I was the closest thing there was as a real-life Ms Frizzle in the library!

Now, I am absolutely hooked!

I have always wanted to explore the Lolita Style more on my blog, but I always felt like a fraud because I had never worn the style before and (being plus sized) I didn’t even know if I would look good in it. Now, I am delighted to say that I am going to talk more about it because I do love wearing it and I want to explore how to knit wearable and pretty pieces to go with my new style. This is the first step towards a whole new adventure coated in lace, ruffles, and hand knit socks!