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While I had loads of fun at the Anime Convention, it just wouldn’t have been a trip without a couple of socks on the needles! The best thing I like about knitting socks is that they are infinitely portable and really easy to pick up and knit during any pause. They are really handy to have around when you are waiting in a long line to go to a History of Doctor Who panel. So while everybody else is waiting in line bored out of their minds, you are standing there putting another half an inch on your sock!

Anyway, I ended up casting on both pairs of socks for Will’s Uncle Jeff’s Sock Commission (which from now on will be called the Gunkle Socks). He picked out two colorways of Patons Kroy and they are both fantastic! I had finished putting in the lifelines and the waste thread for the afterthought heel in the Blue Ragg Stripes (the greyish blue sock with the rainbow stripes) before going on the trip. The fabric on that one is turning out really nice. Since it is a thicker sock yarn than the Knit Picks Stroll and Felici that I have been knitting with almost exclusively recently, it is knitting up slightly stiffer than I am used to, but the fabric feels nice and supple.

The other colorway is called Blue Marl. I expected thinner stripes more like the stripe width on my Felici socks, so imagine my surprise when I started getting nice thick stripes with a slight marl of color in between the stripes. It is a pretty nice pattern. I am also knitting these at a slightly bigger gauge of eight stitches per inch instead of nine stitches. It leads to a more bendy fabric (unlike the supple leather-like fabric in the Blue Ragg Rainbow Socks), but it is easier to knit with the slightly bigger needles size.

I am super excited to be knitting these socks since I’ve been wanting to knit these colorways for a while. I did notice that the yarn for the Blue Ragg socks is getting a little low, so I am hoping that a slightly shorter leg will let me have enough yarn to finish the 10 inch foot I have to knit for. Only time will tell on that one.