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It is probably no big surprise that I love knitting with alpaca wool. It is nice and soft, has a fantastic drape, and is at least three times warmer than standard sheep wool. On top of all that, they are also really cute. Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks that because my friend and I found the cutest alpaca themed app called Alpaca World.

The game is quite simple and really addicting. It sets you up as an alpaca farmer with one alpaca. Your job is to take care of your alpaca, dress up your alpaca in little outfits, and take them out to wander the countryside to run into different alpacas for you to capture and raise on your farm. Eventually, you can breed your alpacas and collect all of the different combinations of alpacas and alpaca fur. It is a strange cross between a dress up game and Pokemon.

I just unlocked the ability to breed my own little alpacas, so I will have little alpacas running around on my virtual farm soon. I am hoping that they will be as totally adorable as real life baby alpacas are.

Alpaca Cloud Fingering Literary Gentlemen SamplerIn keeping with the alpaca theme, I finally found enough daylight to photograph my alpaca yarn. Now that it is catalogued in my Ravelry stash pages, I can now wind them all up and start on a nice alpaca themed project. I am considering starting on a Martina Behm scarf with Bennet, Bingley, Darcy, and Wickham.

The trouble is deciding which pattern to make because Martina makes really wonderful asymetrical scarves. The two I’m deciding between are Leftie (which is designed to use multiple colors) and doing a multicolored Miss Winkle or Hitchhiker.

I am thinking that the Leftie would be the best choice of the patterns if I wanted most of the project to be in one solid color. Hitchhiker or Miss Winkle would be the best choice if I wanted a more even distribution of colors. At least I have some time to think about it because I want to at least get to the second sock on my two sock commissions first.