SigantureNeedles vs HiyaHiya

I have been wanting a new set of sock needles for a couple of years now. As much as I love my Knit Picks nickle plated DPNs, they just aren’t as pointy as I would like them to be. Sometimes it is a little difficult to preform trickier knitting movements like knitting multiple stitches together or cabling without a cable needle. So, I’ve been in the market looking for the perfect sock DPNs for me.

I have three basic requirements for my goal sock knitting needles:

  1. Must be available in a set of five DPNs in a six inch length
  2. Must be some type of metal (though I am open to trying carbon steel)
  3. Must be very pointy and smooth

This means that throughout my research, I have found out that there are two basic needles that could fit my needs very well: Signature Needles and Hiya Hiya needles.

If I am being perfectly honest, I have tried Hiya Hiya needles before, but not as a set of double pointed needle. I have a very small 9 inch circular 2.5mm needle that I got to try out on a pair of socks. I am one of the lucky ones that don’t get hand cramps from using the small circular and I did fall for the smooth metal and very, very pointy tips. The upside of Hiya Hiya is that they can go to very small needles including down to at least 5 zeroes. I think they might even go down to 6 zeroes. They also come in an interchangeable set so if I really love them for my everyday knitting I can get a complete matching set (including 16 inch circulars for hats).

Then there are the Signature Knitting Needles. While they do come in jewel-like colors and the sizes are color coded, I am more drawn to their very smooth taper, pointy points, and the fact that they are made in the USA. One of the down points is that they don’t come in the smaller sizes. The smallest size they have is only 2.25mm, but if I am focusing on socks then I won’t need to go down much farther for day to day knitting. They also don’t come in a pure interchangeable set (every size has their own interchangeable cable) and they don’t have shorter needles to make 16 inch cables. They also come with a very high price point and I’m a little worried about actually investing in a pair of needles and then not liking knitting with them. Luckily, I do live across the river from New York and could take a day trip to one of their retailers to see if I could try them out in person before buying them.

In all honesty, Signature Needles have been the top of the line deluxe knitting needles that I thought I could never ever afford back in college when I was introduced to them via the Yarn Harlot. I would love to try knitting with them to see if they are all they cracked up to be before committing to the more versatile and cheaper Hiya Hiya needles. I would hate to think that I am passing on needles that I would love and use almost every day, which is why I would love to try them.

What about you? What are your favorite sock needles?