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This is a slightly difficult blog post to write today (which is partly why it is so late getting up). I am knitting something new and the pattern is really fun to knit, but the reason why I’m knitting it right now is not great, grand, or exciting. One of my dear friends lost her youngest brother last Sunday. Being a knitter, I did the first thing that was logical to me (after contacting her, of course): find a pattern and pull out my yarn and needles.

I wanted to make her something that she would be able to wrap around herself and be comforted, like a warm long-distance hug. I also wanted something that would knit up quickly so I could send it off to her. She was always much more stylish than I ever was (especially since I lean more towards Victorian inspired fashion and she is thoroughly modern), so I immediately thought of Martina Behm’s scarves. You have probably guessed where this is going already, but I cast-on a Hitchhiker.

Hitchhiker for Pooja WIP

I wanted to make it out of special yarn for her, so I pulled out my handspun stash and selected the blue and purple balls that I spun from a colorway called Buckleberry that I got at my second Kutztown Folk Festival. I just switched from the purple yarn to the blue yarn and I will hopefully get an even twelve teeth from the blue like I did the purple. Even with the rows getting longer, I still have almost twice the amount of blue yarn than I did of the purple.

The yarn ranges from a light fingering weight to a sport weight with most of it heading more towards fingering weight.I thought that the blue and purple would play nicely with her wardrobe while still standing out as more of a statement piece. Sadly, the wool isn’t merino, but it should soften up nicely once I wash and block it.

For all of you who haven’t made a Hitchhiker yet, I should warn you that the pattern is highly addicting to the point where I am knitting on it first thing in the morning before I go to work. The rows are still short enough where I can knit about two teeth on it in the spare minutes I have between cooking breakfast and getting ready for the day. I love that Martina wrote it in such a way that after the pattern is established, you really don’t have to count your rows at all. It is all just plain knitting with an increase in every row to make it gradually longer and a bind off to make the pointy teeth.

I am aiming to make it long enough to be a scarf for her, so I am predicting that would be about twenty five teeth. Of course, if I run out of my blue handspun before that, I do have another even bigger ball of Buckleberry that is the blue and purple mixed together that I can finish it with. At that point, I could probably knit all 42 points on it and make a nice shawlette. We will see where the yarn takes me on this one.