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There is a very important detail that I have learned over the course of knitting these socks. I heartily dislike knitting an afterthought heel.

I like the way they look (especially in self-striping yarns), but I dislike actually knitting them even when I have it down to a science. I use two different lifelines to make it easier to pick up the stitches and even though putting in the lifelines is a bit fiddly, I really don’t mind it because they are my knitting safety net. The actual knitting of the heel is really easy as well. I just knit a half an inch to make room for the heel and then knit a simple wedge toe. The extra half an inch makes the heel fit really nicely because it matches the same depth as my heel flap heels (and I just tried the first sock on to check fit on the heel, so nice!)

Really, all of this should add up to an experience that would make me delighted to knit more afterthought heels, but I really hate them with an unreasonable hatred that they don’t deserve. Which is perfectly fine because not everyone can be expected to love every technique, it just befuddles me because I like the end result and I don’t mind doing the work to get the end result.

I will probably try it again later after I forget that I don’t like knitting the heel. Who knows? Maybe I will actually like knitting the heel one day. For now, I am going to stick with my trusty heel flap heels.