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My face has been attacking me for the past week. It all started innocently enough. My eyes had “sleep dust” on them when I woke up in the morning for about a week, but then it took a turn for the worse. My face got all red and blotchy like I had a bad contact allergic reaction, my eyelids were bright red, and the sleep dust got so bad I had to peel my eyes open every morning. As if that wasn’t enough, it turns out that I had a 90% chance of actually running a low grade fever (it broke during work and everyone else felt normal so it wasn’t just the air conditioning). So, for the past few days, I haven’t been able to do much except gently lay a cool damp washcloth on my eyes and sleep.

Being desperate and seeking any relief, my fiance got me some allergy eye drops and they have worked wonders. Beyond that, I have to give major credit to my knitting for keeping me sane. You are absolutely miserable when your eyes start itching and you know that you can’t really scratch them. That’s when my knitting came into play. It kept my hands busy and since it is just a simple stockinette sock I didn’t really have to look at what I was doing all of the time.


Since I already know how the second sock is going to turn out, I have decided to leave the heel for last like a true afterthought heel. My major hangup was just placing the lifelines for the heel because it was fiddly and felt more like sewing than knitting. I know I don’t have to do that for afterthought heels, but I find that placing two lifelines instead of just knitting in a waste yarn gives me much more control when I go back to pick up those stitches. Especially since the stitches for socks are normally very tiny and more difficult to pick up than larger stitches would be.

I am knitting on a small deadline for this last sock, but I know I can do it since I am very close to being done. I will actually see Uncle Jeffery at our niece’s birthday party this weekend so I want both pairs of socks to be done by then. The only trouble is that the party location makes travel time one day early so I really have two days to finish this sock. There are only five stripes, a three inch toe, and a heel to go. My verdict is not to crazy, right?