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Sometimes, the best result of your knitting can be seen in nothing but a hastily shot, slightly blurry photograph in the middle of a party with little kids and busy adults running all around you. Seriously, it is a little amazing that there aren’t any feet in this picture considering I finished the last sock in the middle of of four year old’s birthday party. It was one of the only times I knew we would be around my fiance’s family and I needed the socks to be done so I could give them to his Uncle Jeff. (Who was delighted by his socks and loves them to bits!)

Remember that teaser I left on Friday about getting some new-to-me older stock Knit Picks yarn? I am thoroughly delighted to say that my package came thanks to my yarn fairy who is known as the lovely graymatter on Ravelry. She came across one of my posts in the Knit Picks Lovers group about how I wished I had gotten Felici in Fizz since that was really the first Felici colorway that made me pay attention to the line. It was the “skein that got away” and I had admired it from afar ever since (especially since it almost never ever came up on destashes). I was just lucky enough that she decided to message me about the Fizz that she was destashing along with a couple of older Stroll Tonals. I was both shocked and delighted.

Long story short, I am the proud owner of two balls of Felici in Fizz and Stroll Tonal in the older colorways of Summer Blooms and Royalty. Of course, I already have the pattern I want to use Fizz for all picked out. Shocker: it isn’t a sock pattern! It is actually a shawl that was designed specifically for Felici called Junonia (or at least I remember it first coming up in a thread with the designer saying she designed it for shorter self striping yarns like Felici).

Since I don’t have any special commissions going on right now, it means that I can finish up the projects I have going on. This means I have a few things to pick from: a mending project for my co-worker, my African Flower triceratops, or finishing up my cat toy for my kitty (it seriously only needs a catnip sachet). Of course, I can’t really last a full day without casting on a new sock, but it is just a simple vanilla sock knit in Felici Dark Side for my fiance. No pictures yet, but I will keep you updated as soon as I can complete a full color repeat.