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2016-08-08 09.55.13To be completely honest with everyone, I am a little sad that I am having trouble casting on my cabled vest. Between being slightly intimidated by a larger project (even though socks and vests have roughly the same amount of stitches) and not being able to control the tension of my cable cast on, things did not go well with it yesterday. So, I did the logical thing that most knitters would do in a rough knitting situation: I knit on something else!

These socks have been my purse knitting socks for a little bit, but I actually pulled them out yesterday because I wanted something easy to knit. Since my parents are out of the house celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, I have been trying to catch up on all the chores and clean the house which has consumed most of my time this weekend.

I love the way these socks are coming out so far! I didn’t think I would like the more muted rainbow colors of the Dark Side colorway (and admit it, this isn’t the most flattering picture of it right now), but the more I knit on the sock the more I like it. I have expressed this several times to my fiance and I think he is a little worried that I could be trying to steal his socks. Don’t worry, I’ll knit the socks long with a long toe so they won’t fit me. I am a little tempted to get some more of this colorway, but I have to think hard about that considering I completely spoiled myself this weekend by taking advantage of Signature Needles’ free shipping offer.

Yes, you read that right. I ordered myself a set of Signature Needles in my favorite sock needle size. I have no idea why I was so nervous about ordering a set considering I have dropped more than that amount on yarn before, but needles are different. Now that I am a more experienced knitter I understand that needle material changes your gauge, so I guess I am a little worried that the aluminum that the Signature Needles are made out of won’t be as slick as my Knit Picks Nickle Plated DPNs. I’m also a little worried that they will be too heavy to knit comfortably with, but I’ve been wanting to try these needles for years and I budgeted for them and waited for a sale or a free shipping deal. I will let you guys know what I think about them as soon as they come in.