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I have this co-worker named Jackie who has this pair of purple socks that her mother knit for her a long time ago. She loves these socks so much and she has already asked me to repair them once before. This time her little four-legged jumping bean pup took an interest in the socks and stole one from the top of her dresser.

Time to work on some mending for a co-worker.

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She was pretty much heartbroken. Since I do work in a different department and she didn’t see me very much when it happened, she asked the other knitters around the library if they could fix the socks. They all said no, so when I came in she had lost all hope and figured I would say it was too complicated to do.

Well, I’m not one to turn down a challenge.

Ha! I am victorious! The cuff of the sock is officially off.

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I will confess that it took me much longer to figure out how to carefully deconstruct the sock than it did to actually fix the sock. At first, I thought I should dye yarn to get it close to this variegated purple color, but none of the Kool Aid colors or Kool Aid mixes were doing the trick. After kicking around and finishing a bunch of other projects, I finally dragged the sock back down and spent a few hours carefully unpicking every stitch from the row below the hole.

It was not fun, but it felt great when I finally got the cuff off the sock. I had to listen to a lot of soothing Kaffe Fasset interviews on YouTube and worked my way through an interesting podcast on the early history of knitting from Stuff you Missed in History Class.

Once I finally settled down, got out my yarn, took the gauge of the sock from the foot (8 spi, a very popular gauge for socks), and started knitting by following the pattern on the sock, it went fine. It is knit in a lattice type pattern that is surprisingly easy to knit.

Finished the mending!

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I also got to try out a new-to-me cast off! Since it was the top of the sock, I decided it was about time I tried out EZ’s sewn cast off and several people mentioned that it can be a very stretchy bind off. It is wonderful and really relaxing to work once you get the motion down. I really like this bind off because it is easy and it looks really nice.

I am really glad I just sat down and made myself mend socks. I was feeling so guilty that I hadn’t fixed them yet and it will be a nice surprise for her tomorrow. (Or today, since by the time this will have posted it will actually be Monday and not Sunday.)