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I have two friends who are pregnant with little ones and I have been resisting the urge to cast on something for them when I haven’t even made one pair of socks for myself yet. I knit for my own pleasure and I would like a new pair of socks for me, but baby knits are tiny and adorable. They are just so quick to do compared to a full grown adult sock and even faster when compared to a sweater. And the smaller you make something, the cuter it is. Plus, baby knits are a perfect place to try out new techniques that you want to try so you can get the concept down before doing it at a full size scale. It is the same reason people like making doll clothes only it is for a tiny person instead of an inanimate object.

Finally gave in and made a baby sock. Now I have to make a match for it.

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Yeah, I finally gave into this inner dialogue that has been running around my head for about a month and a half now (ever since my friends told me the news). Plus, my other friend is an enabler and did nothing but encourage me to knit tiny baby sized socks.

This sock took me about two days to do or (if you count actual knitting time) about three to four hours. Much faster than the normal two weeks it takes to do an adult sized pair of socks if I knit on them every day. I started with this little pattern I found on the Craftsy blog to give me some sizing guidelines, but other than that I was on my own.

I am trying out a short row heel for this pair. I think I have the formula mostly down with basic wrap and turns before branching out to do anything too fancy. This heel got a little pointy because I went for a smaller number of center stitches than I probably should have. I’m going to expirament with the next one because babies don’t care if their socks don’t match exactly. I also want to get the short row heel down just so I have another trick up my sleeve.

I decided to do a fully ribbed sock so that it can stretch with the baby as it grows. I know babies grow pretty fast, but the sock should be able to expand to about three inches before they need new ones. I imagine it should be able to stay with the baby until they are a year or two old. Of course, I have no practical knowledge on this, but it is little, cute, and doesn’t take much yarn. Plus, my one pregnant friend will be absolutely charmed by them. I’m thinking about going through my yarn stash and secretly knitting her and future baby a pair of matching socks. But before I decide for sure, I have to knit another little baby sock so it can be a full pair of socks. After all, babies have two feet!