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I thought about blogging this weekend, but I had so much going on during Saturday and Sunday that I just decided to take Monday off from my normal posting schedule (and the Labor Day thankfulness post that I normally do). The whole house was slightly thrown off schedule by an arrival of a brand new family member!

We got a brand new puppy.

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Meet Beau, our brand new Pomeranian puppy! He isn’t a very photo friendly dog at the moment, so this is the best picture of him I have. He is actually a full-sized Pomeranian unlike Baylee who is a smaller sized Pom, so he is quite a bit bigger than I was expecting. The other animals are still getting used to him. My white cat Patience is settling in quite well, but my Mom’s cat and dog (Siamese Zoey and Baylee) aren’t too thrilled with him yet. He is so friendly and really smart for a boy dog. He is catching onto things really quickly. If we keep working with him, hopefully he will be trained and housebroken in no time!

It feels like not much has happened on the knitting front. I have been slowly working on the September Mock, but I have stalled on that. Everything I am knitting on currently is either colorwork or cables, so I have been seduced to the dark side by easy baby socks!

Tiny baby socks made with scrap sock yarn. So cute!

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I have one pair done so far and another pair are on my needles. They are quick and fairly easy to make even though I am doing short row heels. Two of my friends are pregnant, so I’m making socks out of scrap yarn until I get bored with it and then splitting up the total between the two. That way both of them will have cute little baby socks for their future little ones.