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I have had an interesting week these past couple of days. Not only have I been mildly sleep deprived for most of the week because of hearing new puppy squeaks and baby howls, I have also been running around and spending face time with my friends. Though last night was a little rough for the family.

Yesterday, our new puppy Beau decided to jump off a bed that he was sitting on because he wanted down and was too brave for his britches. He ended up breaking a leg. *collective gasp* I was told not to worry. It was a clean break and he should be all healed by next weekend. He is sleeping right now, so I’m not checking on him and waking him up. I’ll keep you guys posted on how he is doing. Maybe this will cause some bonding between him and Baylee.

A detail shot about my Latvian mitten. Slow going, but the colorwork is getting easier.

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I have been slowly and steadily working on my very first Latvian Mitten! I am working from The Mittens of Latvia by Maruta Grasmane. I picked one of the easier mittens I could find to start out with. This one is from the Lizums parish in Northern Vidzeme Region (which you can find on page 44-45). The mitten “patterns” aren’t actually named, but are split up into regions and  parishes. This mitten only has two colors per row and a super easy pattern repeat of four stitches, so the sizing should be spot on. Technically, I was supposed to make the main mitten color black to match my cuff, but I think putting the black into one of the accent colors and putting the light grey as the main color makes the mitten really sharp looking.

Of course, all of my balls of Palette are partially used and the grey is one of the colors I have used a fair amount and is running a little low. I think I have enough to make it through one mitten, but I might have to buy another ball to finish the pair. I will see how far I will actually make it.