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The pinks and purples are hiding an orange, red, green, yellow, and blue treat inside.

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Guess who finally got her Kromski Sonata out of the travel bag? That’s right. I finally set up my wheel again and took my Kool-Aid dyed fiber for a rinse to get the residue off so it would spin nicely. Don’t be fooled about the fresh white, pink, and purple showing here. More colors are hiding underneath this layer including bright red, orange, purple, yellow, and electric blue. I’m going to two ply it together and I am hoping for my very first barber pooled skein of yarn.

I think this is roughly half the fiber I dyed, so I’m going to spin the other half on another bobbin to make sure that I have enough room to pile it all on here. I am experimenting with spinning styles, so I have no idea what weight this will turn up to be. Judging from the singles, it could be anywhere from a light fingering to a sport weight.