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The first thing I want to to is apologize for having this blog post up so late. I’ve had a couple of busy days. Most of tonight was full of me picking burrs off of Beau because he ran through a pile of burrs before I could get to him when I took him out for a potty break.

I think we are going through an Indian Summer right now in the Northeast. Today was a little bit cooler, but I am in no mood to knit my vest. Especially since I am working with a worsted weight brushed alpaca. It will be lovely and cozy to actually wear, but when it is this hot I would rather spin or knit socks.

Working in getting the bobbins filled kinda evenly.

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Spinning has won out recently. I got out Rumple, my trusty Kromski Sonata, and I have been feverishly spinning on it for the past week. I have almost all of the singles done. I am hoping that it will become a very nice, very barber poled two ply. I have never spun a heavily marled skein before because I fell in love with chain plyed yarns very early in my spinning career. I have simply not done many two ply yarns because my main spinning goal was a very fine three ply for socks. While I am still working on spinning fine, I am branching out into the simple two ply for this very colorful batch of fiber.