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After a few days of spinning thick and chunky, spinning thin feels like it takes a long time! So far, the results are simply gorgeous! I am so glad I chose to pair this sapphire blue with the deep dark chocolatey brown I have instead of using the lighter Tidepool Heather.

Tonight's gleaming shade is Sapphire Heather in #knitpicks Wool of the Andes roving.

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I simply cannot get this color to photograph accurately. It is slightly lighter than what it looks like in this photo, but not by much. It is truly a rich and gleaming sapphire blue. I did discover that Knit Picks’s WOtA Roving behaves much more like a true top than the roving I have spun in the past. It does not like being spun with a long draw, so I had to settle for a short forward draw since I didn’t feel like tearing it up into short sections and spinning from the fold.

I decided to only spin two ounces at a time instead of doing the whole four ounces of roving I have available so I can see how the final ply will come out. I am so excited to see how the final yarn will come out, but I still have to spin the brown single. I hope I have a productive day tomorrow too!