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The companion brown single is done! Now to start the big plying expirament.

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I think I managed to spin the brown wool finer than the blue fiber because I got so much more yardage on the bobbin! I love how the two colors look together and I didn’t want to wait to see how the double chain ply turned out, so I took them for a quick spin on the wheel and came up with a wonderful 6-ply marl.

It was a bit tricky to manage the tension on both of the bobbins, but it came out nicely once I figured it out. I really love how it turned out, but I don’t really want to spin more of the same thing. Instead, I am going to spin the rest of the brown and turn it into a simple chain ply.

There are only two more days left in Spinzilla and I will have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow, so I am not sure how much more spinning I am actually going to be able to get done. My goal is to finish the brown in time and if I get lucky I will spin and ply up the blue as well, but we will see how far I get.