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If you have been following me over the past year, you might have noticed that I knit a lot of socks. I like knitting socks. They are challenging in all of the right places and simple when I need them to be. Plus I have a bunch of pretty sock yarn just sitting around the house because it is the right color bite for me. Just enough yardage to satisfy my weird color urges, but not enough that I’m committed to an entire sweater. But, you might have also noticed that I haven’t been knitting any socks for myself.

20161012_100144That is totally changing now because I have a neon pink and neon green sock on the needles for myself! I like how it is coming out so much that I had to try it on to see if I remembered right about how long I like the leg of my socks, so you get a glorious half-knit naked food picture. I have about an inch to go before I am happy with the length of the sock, but I am so happy to be knitting with my college colors again. Anything neon makes me happy.

I’m not using any special pattern for these socks, but those of you who participated in Sock Madness this year might protest against that. What happened is that I wanted to do helical striped socks for a while and I must have remembered seeing the Slip Stripe Spiral socks earlier in the year (basically helical stripes with slip stitches to make vertical lines of color). It was only after I did it that I remembered about seeing it on my various sock knitting forums.

If you know how to knit a pair of socks and are confident enough with your knitting to just make it up as you go, then you really don’t need a pattern for these socks. I hear that the pattern is really well written, so if you want to knit socks like these and need a pattern, then go with Mylene Pijipers’ pattern.

I was trying to get a full pair of socks done before Rheinbeck so I could wear them around, but it looks like I’m just not going to make that goal. I would have needed a full sock done by now and almost all of my free time is being taken up by cleaning and prepping the apartment with my fiance. I do hope to get one sock done so that I can take a simple vanilla sock to Rheinbeck as my travel project so I won’t have to carry around two balls of yarn, but we will see what I actually do.

Finally, because there has been a lack of kitty on my blog recently, I will leave you with one last picture for today: