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I feel like I haven’t gotten very much knitting time this week because we are still working on cleaning up the apartment, but I’ve gotten much more done than I thought I had. I have knit 20 teeth on my Hitchhiker Shawlette so far and I think I might actually be able to get close to 40 or even the total 42 teeth out of this ball of yarn. I have been reading that people normally get around 35ish teeth out of a ball of fingering weight yarn unless it is closer to 150 grams instead of 100 grams, but I’m thinking that Nerd Girl Yarns might have more yardage in them than I’m expecting.

Twenty teeth done. Still have at least half a ball left. Will we make it to 42?

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Out of sheer curiosity, I did take the gauge on my scarf to see if I was hitting my goal of five stitches an inch like the pattern actually states. Interestingly enough, I am getting six stitches an inch and I think that is very loose. My shawlette has a wonderful drape, but I wouldn’t go much bigger than six stitches an inch because I feel it is less substantial and just too loose for the fabric. I think I just could be so used to my sock gauge that I got used to tight knits though, so your mileage may vary.

I am excited to see that Martina Behm has more patterns out now than she did in the summer. I have discovered three more new shawls/scarves I want to make, plus I decided I should pick up a couple more of her old ones because I will want to make them too. When I first started buying her patterns, I promised myself that I would only buy the ones that I would actually make. Which basically means I am going to be making most of her little scarves/shawlettes because those are the patterns of hers that I like.

The ones that I am interested in are Bridesmaid, Hitchhiker Beyond, Knitters’ DNA, Samadhi, Snowflake Party, and I decided to throw Endless Rainbow in there too. So if I stick to only knitting these patterns after I finish up all of my WIPs (plus the three color linen stitch alpaca scarf I promised my fiance), then I will probably have a full year of knitting easily, plus her patterns that I have already and haven’t knit yet.

Best of all, I have the yarn for most of these already! The only ones that I would need to get more yarn for would be Bridesmaid (to match the colors in my wedding for my actual bridesmaids!), Snowflake Party (imagine the Stroll Tonal Frozen colorway plus clear beads), and possibly a gradient yarn for Endless Rainbow (I would love to find a grey gradient and a bright gradient, but I might have to do it myself).

The only big question would be which one do I start first?