I woke up today with a sore throat, aching ears, and a killer cough. Luckily, my wonderful local doubles-as-a-nurse Mom checked me out and determined that I do not have strep, just a non-contagioius killer head cold. I did feel better after I gargled some salt water and have a cup of mostly honey black tea.

All of this is a long roundabout way of saying that there isn’t going to be a real blog today and instead of not posting, I wanted to tell you why. I always found it so frustrating when people I follow and look forward to reading just stop posting mysteriously or post on really random occasions. I am trying hard not to be one of those people.

So, instead I will tell you this:

  1. I acted like an adult today and got power to the future apartment
  2. I went to work, wished I was knitting, and contemplated fashion blogging
  3. I hung out with my fiance’s grandmother and got stuff for said future apartment
  4. I came back home and possibly thought about knitting
  5. Sometime during the day, I actually ate and drank like a normal person and then slept.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday! I will see all of you lovelies on Monday with a brand new sock bag review!