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This review is brought to you partly out of excitement and wanting to share my new bag and partly out of seeing how this bag is holding up compared to my cheaper Knit Picks project bags. I stumbled across Slipped Stitch Studios by accident via a Harry Potter Ravelry Group promoting a limited edition Snape Tribute bag. Being a loyal Slytherin myself and a fan of the late and great Allan Rickman, I had to have it!

I ordered my bag when it was still up for pre-order and since I knit a lot of socks and smaller projects, I decided to go with the Sock+ size which is the smallest project bag that Slipped Stitch Studios carries. (They do offer a smaller notions bag which could fit a smaller project or double as makeup cases, but for the sake of simplicity, I am not adding that to the proper “project bag” list.)

According to the site the features are listed as such:

  • Approximately 8″ tall x 9.5″ wide with a 4.5″ gusseted bottom
  • Designed to fit any small double-pointed and circular needle projects and one skein of yarn. (This bag has been tested and approved- you will get both your project and your yarn in THIS bag.)
  • Two 4″ tall x 4″ wide (cell phone sized) pockets
  • 13″ sturdy cotton-webbed handle designed to hang comfortably over your wrist as you knit won’t cut your circulation like cords or think handles.
  • Our Tag is strategically placed to allow you to hook your bag on to the outside of your purse, or even to your belt loop.
  • A drawstring closure with a cord lock means the bag stays closed and your supplies stay put. (Sorry, Kitty!)
  • Reversible: ┬áTry it inside out to make the pockets more accessible or for a new look.
  • Designed to be snag free. No zippers or Velcro closures to catch your yarn.

Normally, I would tell you the same thing about the bag myself, but I love that the site is so well organized and worded that I had to feature some of the description here. Everything you read from the site is what you are getting in the bag. There is no miscommunication at all and I wanted to applaud the creator of Slipped Stitch Studios for that! Great job!

So, with all of that out of the way, what do I think about the bag?

The Loves!

  1. I love the flat bottom because that means it stands up instead of flopping over like my normal drawstring bags.
  2. The size is perfect! It is big enough to hold a two color sock-in-progress with two balls of yarn, a small pair of fold up scissors, and my Knit Picks needle sizer/6 inch plastic ruler. It is also big enough to hold a full 100 gram skein of Nerd Girl Yarn Shimma and a Hitchhiker Shawl in all of the various complete stages.
  3. The drawstring latch is nice and sturdy. I have opened and closed the bag a lot and it seems to be holding up nicely.
  4. The handle is nice and thick without being stiff. It also feels very sturdy which means that I don’t even think about being that careful with the bag when I go out with it.
  5. The double lining is thick enough that my Signature Needles do not poke through even when accidentally slept on for about eight hours. I didn’t even notice I accidentally slept on my bag until I woke up and made the bed this morning and nothing was harmed. Compared to the plain cotton Knit Picks bag where even the blunter Nickle Plated DPNs can poke through, this is wonderful!
  6. The Fabric! The design is well thought out, the thread color matches the fabric wonderfully, and even the inside fabric coordinates well being a silver polkadot! The pockets are sewn with the outside fabric which is a nice touch. The only thing that could make it better is if the pockets were double lined, but it is not really necessary for what it does. Plus, there are many different designs to chose from so you can probably find a bag that goes with what you like easily.

The Cons:

  1. I feel like I can’t stuff it in my purse as well because I don’t want to wrinkle it. This means that I am normally carrying around two bags when I go out which can be a pain sometimes depending on where I am going.
  2. It had a small silver bead at the end of the drawstring that fell off because the drawstring knot came untied at the very end, but this is so minor that I didn’t notice it until it happened. I don’t mind that the bead isn’t there because the fabric is the main focal point for me, but it is still a con and I would feel dishonest if I didn’t list it here.
  3. The bag is reversible, but the drawstring is stuck on the inside if you do that. Again, very minor, but still technically a con.


That being said, the Loves outweigh the Cons tenfold! I do love these bags and I wouldn’t mind ordering more in some other fandoms that I love. I am curious about some of the bigger bags and the notions bags, but I bet they are just as well thought out and designed as the sock bag. They may be a bit pricey (the normal price looks to be $28 and the club bags are about $32 for this size), but it is worth it for a well thought out and well sewn bag.

There are still some spare bags that they have up on the store and they are running the same price that I paid for them. If you love Snape or know of a crafting buddy who does, this would be a fantastic bag to get them!