I have been a very, very bad blogger recently. I have missed all of my updates since the election which means I have missed writing and posting five times now. Very naughty. Somebody should really take my yarn away from me! (Nah, not really, I haven’t had time to even touch my yarn)

I am posting to say that I’m going to need to take a hiatus until early December because the work in our new apartment is nearing the final stages and I have been working in it almost every day. The time that I do have to relax a bit has been taken over by a resurgence of Animal Crossing New Leaf and rocking out to Kylie Minogue (thanks Galavant!).

Thank you all for sticking with me and being patient with my not-so-reliable content over the last few weeks. I appreciate all of my readers and I am working on brand new content for when I come back. Not quite tutorials yet, but I will be reviewing some sock yarn and testing out fun stitch patterns. I will see all of you back around December 5th.

Until then, knit on!