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I am so glad to have the internet again and to be able to interact through my blog with everyone again! I missed all of you silent lurking types who I know read (and those of you who might have stumbled on my little corner of the blog world by accident). I know that I have said in the past that I don’t really need internet to function and that I know how to do everything I need to do by various other needs of research, but the internet really does make the world ten times easier.

The reason why I took a mini-hiatus from the blog is because I have officially moved into an apartment with my fiance! It took time to move everything over (almost) and try to get everything unpacked and have an actual living area. We still aren’t 100% of the way done yet, but it is a vast improvement to having all of our stuff in one room in the basement of my parent’s house.

Unfortunately, the move has put a hold on all of my knitting projects. I started a sock right before we moved and I was able to get to the heel flap before we started doing any packing or furniture moving. I think I only actively knit on it for about seven hours during the past two weeks or so since then. The best thing about knitting is that it doesn’t whine or complain that it isn’t getting enough attention when you don’t have time or mental space to do anything.

Some of you might notice that my current pair of socks are not the same as the pink and green socks I hinted at during my Slipped Stitch Studios Knitting Bag Review. It is one of the newest colors of Felici that Knit Picks released during their Big Sale. Instead of being able to order the whole range of new colors, I was only able to get one color and I picked Unicorn! It turns out that this color is very similar to Ever After (a color I never got because I thought it was too close to Teacup). The coral stripe in this one was a mint green in Ever After, but I think I like the coral in Unicorn better.

Another thing that is unique about this pair of socks is that I decided to try out a different heel turn! It is referred to as either the German Heel or the Band Heel depending on what source you are looking at. I was doing it from memory, so my sides are slightly wonky, but that will be better on my next heel. The turn is really easy to preform and I think it would work well for stranded sock knitting since you don’t have to worry about a changing stitch count on your heel turn.

Basically, you split up your heel flap into thirds. Then you knit two thirds of the total amount, decrease, turn, knit one third, decrease, turn, knit one third again, decrease, turn, and so on until you get to one third of your stitches plus two.

For those of you who think in numbers instead of my Zimmerman-esque pithy description, I’ll also give you an example:

The total stitches I have on my needle for a vanilla sock is 72 and I do my heel flap on half of those stitches leaving me with a starting number of 36 (which divides evenly into three sets of 12). When I was ready to start the heel turn, I knit across 24 stitches then did a k2tog to decrease. Then I turned the heel around, knit 12 stitches, and did a p2tog. This left me with 12 stitches in the middle and eleven stitches on each side. You would just keep going back and forth decreasing once on the outer thirds while leaving the center third alone until you had a total of 12 stitches plus 2 for 14 stitches.

I am not completely sure about how well it will fit yet because I haven’t finished enough of the gusset to check for a proper fit, but I should know soon and I will let you guys know what I think of the heel and how it compares to the standard heel turn I normally use.