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If there was any case of the winter blues, it would totally be today. Everything around us is slightly dull. The roads are slushy (bad enough to close school, but not bad enough to close the library), the sky is white with cloud cover, and it is still threatening to rain. The only thing keeping me going right now is a not-very-satisfying cup of Pumpkin Chai Tea (which is totally my fault considering I decided to try out unsweetened unflavored almond/cashew milk). But, it is warm and the experimental milk does bring a slight nuttiness to the tea which makes me remember the blistering cold winds of northeastern fall instead of the blistering cold winds of northeastern winter.

My socks have completely stalled out on me during the never ending gusset decreases. The gusset is the only place I don’t really like knitting on the socks because I have so many extra stitches and they never seem to knit down fast enough for me. I know it is just an illusion and that each row is getting shorter meaning it takes less time to knit each row, but it is such a downer to count your stitches and realize you aren’t even halfway done with them. I think that is why people have tried to put patterning in the gusset so that it was at least mildly entertaining. In fact, I might try doing that on my next pair of socks just so I have something fun on my socks. Who knows? Patterned gussets might actually catch on and be the “next big thing” in sock knitting.