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Everybody should cheer and shout because I found my socks!

Yes, there is a little story leading up to this. I was at my fiance’s mother’s Christmas party happily knitting. The little niece is getting old enough to appreciate socks (she got excited to get socks as a gift at the tender age of four) and she is old enough to identify that her Aunt is indeed making socks even though it has no toe so it would be useless as a sock. While that is completely true, I am not done knitting that sock but I did get up to the point to start the toe shaping. Since I have relied on actually measuring my socks instead of trying them on my feet as I was knitting them (which everyone thought was great fun at the party with my toes sticking out among my DPNs), I decided to wait to start the toe until I could compare it with my pink and green sock.

It would be easy! I would get home, pick up the other sock bag, compare, and then start the toe. Piece of cake!

Until you realize what a disaster zone my apartment still is and you realize not only is one of my knitting books missing in the pile of boxes, but my single sock project that I was working on at the beginning of the month is missing too. There is nothing as frustrating as misplacing your knitting at the most inopportune time. So, I did what every other responsible adult would at the time: decide I would look for it later and then promptly forgot about the entire thing.

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Then I found the sock bag on top of a shelf in the spare room/will be yarn room. In my defense, it was underneath a box of trash bags.