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I heard that it might snow overnight last night and decided that the weatherman was lying. There was no way it was going to snow and if it did, it would be a flurry like it was the other time and melt away before it hit the sidewalks. Or it would snow and then turn to rain in an hour and the salt that the plow trucks would drop would make sure the roads were clear way before I had to go into work for today.

Snow happened

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Clearly, I am stuck very firmly in denial because snow did indeed happen. Our library director was clearly in denial as well because she didn’t call off work until about twelve o’clock, but I got a very nice and very clear day off. Which makes my work week very short this week even though I still have to go in a half hour early tomorrow because Friday is my long day at work.

The snow worked out in my favor because it caused a cancellation and rescheduling of a baby shower from today to Saturday, which means I can actually go! It also meant that I had to rush around to get a baby shower gift together, but it was perfectly fine. I picked up a pack of diapers, threw in two baby socks I had previously knitted in a make-tiny-things kit, and picked up a quick learn-how-to-knit kit because my friend actually wants to learn how to knit. I picked her up both straight and DPNs with some stitch markers, tapestry needles, and two balls of yarn (grey and variegated blue/white/brown, a perfect combination for a layette or a blanket for a little baby boy). Since we are going to be getting together more often next year so I can teach her to knit, I’m not worrying about the traditional “learn how to knit books” because she will have me!

While I was shopping today, I decided to swing my Michael’s to see if they had a supply of Caron Cakes on display since Ravelry has been freaking out about this yarn.

I must have caught them on a good day since I found them and they were running a $5 sale. It was surprisingly hard to choose between all of the different colors once I got to see them in real life. The colors are very nice and vibrant. Some spots in my balls are a little speckled, but that happens sometimes as part of the dying process so I’m not that upset about that happening.

What surprised me was how nice it feels! I didn’t realize it was an 80% acrylic/20% wool blend. I thought it was a pure acrylic yarn, but I love that it is a blend! It makes it warmer and more versatile for blankets and clothing. I really hate having to handwash a blanket and I really, really wanted to make a blanket from this fun self-striping worsted weight yarn.

Caron Cakes in Red Velvet destined to become a blanket!

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I picked up the last three skeins that they had of Red Velvet. I can’t resist the name and it has all of my favorite colors in it. I am hoping that three skeins will be enough to make a blanket. I just have to find where I put my knitting needles (and my needle case so I can get my long cord) so I can do a little swatching before I decide on my final stitch design for the blanket. I am debating over using Mistake Stitch Ribbing, Old Shale, or the Portcullis Stitch. I am leaning towards the first two since I can’t control the striping with a self-striping yarn, but I want to see what type of fabric it makes with the needle size I pick. I will have to play for bit to find the combination I like, then it will be smooth sailing with a big blanket to knit!