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Now that my fiance and I have our own apartment, we are setting up new traditions to ring in the new year. This year was a straight up party/chill zone for two straight days! Lots of cooking, games, responsible drinking, and hanging out with friends starting early evening on New Year’s Eve and going on until early evening New Year’s Day. Between having a complete blast and being super busy the week leading up to New Years, I realized that I didn’t get to do any of my usual yearly wrap up posting that I like doing on my blog.

Remember the beginning of last year when I was committing to stashing less? Even though I didn’t really “stash less” than my past years, I did discover that I was stashing more purposefully and picking up yarn that either had a purpose or that I really, really loved. Of course, this does leave me with yarn boxes full to bursting already with overflow into my tote bags, but I don’t have “stasher’s remorse” over any of my purchases like I had in the past. I take that as a good sign and I’ve been successful into reigning in my purchasing habits just a bit. I still have lots more work to do, but I am willing to put in the effort to do so again.

As far as finished projects were concerned, I was on fire! I completed a total of 29 projects in 2016 counting my knitting, crochet, and spinning. This doesn’t seem like a lot to most hardcore knitters out there, but I only completed a total of 11 projects in 2015, so it was a significant change in output for me.

Finished Project Count:

  • Nine pair of socks (with one being mended and two being baby socks)
  • two hats
  • two scarves (both Hitchhikers)
  • four swatches
  • one set of three dishcloths (counts as one project for me)
  • two filet crochet dishcloths
  • one knitted amigurumi
  • seven skeins of yarn in various weights (thank you Spinzilla!)

Normally, I try to clear out my WIPs for the start of a new year to make sure that I have a clean slate to work with. This means there is a lot of frogging or straight out throwing away of projects as well as a mass finishing spree at the end of the year. Even if you just joined me in the past month, you will know that the WIP Cleanup simply did not happen this year. However, I do want to finish all of the projects I have on the needles currently, so there will be no mad frogging spree this year (just a tiny frogging ripping out a blanket and a mitten that were both barely started). Which means I am left with only two socks, a vest, one long-term spinning project to do when I feel like it, and one cat toy to stuff with catnip and sew up.

In retrospect, I did a lot more this year than I thought I would! Between learning new skills to taking a great adventure to Rhinebeck with my mom, I did a lot of things that I never thought I would actually get to do! I hope to keep the momentum going with this year and keep learning how to do new things with crochet as well as knit many more pairs of socks for my fiance and me so we can finally get full sock drawers.