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Even though I am not big on mainstream fashion or trends, I will be the first to admit that I am a total sucker for Pantone’s Color of the Year. I just love the idea about an inspiration color that gives a theme for an entire year. This year’s color is called Greenery.

color-of-the-year-2017-quoteUnlike last year’s color which seemed like it pulled directly from political viewpoints (even though pink and blue is one of my favorite color combinations), this year’s color pulls directly from nature itself. The bright and nurturing part of nature that reminds us of summer’s lawns and bright green leaves on trees. For the tea lover, this is almost the exact same shade as matcha and the exact same shade as the growing more popular matcha lattes.

Now, I have to admit that I was put off slightly by this year’s color at first glance. Don’t get me wrong, I love the color green, but I tend to stay on the bold and sultry emerald green side of things. Greenery is very bold, but is much more yellow than emerald ever dreamed of being. Pantone describes Greenery as a “fresh zesty yellow-green” that almost reminds me of a teenie bopper full of Lisa Frank stickers and lime green fuzzy pencil toppers and matching gel pens. Of course, I wasn’t sold on this yellow green until I saw the different palettes that Pantone put together as color inspiration.

There are a few of their palettes that I really like and was surprised that the green fit in so well with them. It was also fun to see how the green changed depending on what other colors were paired with it. I’m not going to talk about all of the palettes here, but I will pull my favorites from the ten that Pantone came up with to highlight the color.


As a fairly neutral palette, Ethereal Material caught my eye because it combined Greenery with lovely complimentary tones as well as neutrals. I think that this one highlights the green more by using tones that are very similar, but sometimes slightly less vibrant so that the green manages to pop out even more.


Normally, I am not a big fan of pastels which often read to me as weak, but I really like this palette as a more neutral palette. I would honestly use Greenery as an accent color among the rest of the palette so that you don’t overwhelm the pastels. I think this would be a fun palette for a more modern totally gender neutral baby blanket, especially if the parents are more traditional and only want more pastel tones for their new little one.


My Inner Colorful Goth Girl is drawn completely to this palette. The colors are muted, but not dull so you still have that surge of color that you crave. Or at least I find that I crave color when I try to go more Gothic with my clothing and style choices. These are colors that both Classic and Gothic Lolitas. There are enough dark tones that it would work wonderfully as a blanket without even needed an extra color to tie everything together and Greenery is perfect to tie together the rest of the colors.


Of course, my favorite palette of the bunch is the one that makes my Inner 90’s Kid stand up and scream in sparkly joy! Between the bold graphic colors and the lighter sparkle punk pinks and grey, Greenery pops out at you and demands attention because it is so different. This is one scheme where you can’t really leave out any color or else it looks like you are leaving something out. There is just something about this palette that reminds me so much of Lisa Frank, only it is missing the purple.

Out of all of these, I am really tempted to get a blanket’s worth of yarn out of the colors in Rev It Up, though Moody Blooms comes in a close second. Either way, I think I see a bold chevron blanket in the future.