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If you have been following me for a while, then you might have noticed that I am quite an unselfish knitter. I knit for my friends, family, and colleges a lot and I rarely keep anything I knit for myself. This is a trap that I think many crafters fall into because the way we express our love and affection for others is to make stuff to keep them warm or things to make other people happy because we have been trained since we were little that the more expensive the gift, the more sincere our feeling for others must be. In knitting terms, the more exotic or technically challenging the gift, then the more sincere our feelings for others must be.

Crafting for others is something that I used to take joy in until I started taking commissions, especially the sock commissions. While I did love knitting for the people I know would enjoy my hand knitted socks (and I am very glad I did it and would do the same thing over again) I do have to admit that crafting for other people sucks the fun out of knitting. After you knit nine or ten pairs of socks a year and only end up with two socks that are falling apart for yourself, you start to feel unappreciated and unmotivated because you started learning how to knit to make things for yourself. This is why I decided to take a deep breath and admit to myself that I want to be a selfish knitter in 2017.

My New Year’s Resolution for 2017 is to knit twelve pairs of socks for myself

Twelve pairs seems like a lot, but for the past two years I have managed to knit about nine pairs of socks year, so twelve seems like a reasonable push to make things challenging and to help me fill up my sock drawer. It is only one pair of socks a month which leaves me plenty of time to knit other things as I feel like it. So, I won’t feel like I have to only knit socks which will make me rebound and not want to knit any socks at all.

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Plus, I am excited to say that I have already finished a pair of socks this month! They are my vanilla socks that I was working on during the holidays and are knit out of Knit Picks Felici in the Unicorn colorway. I love how they aren’t identical stripes, but I am sad that the second sock didn’t end with a blue toe. That would have been even cooler to have one sock end with a pink toe and one sock end with a blue toe, but I still love them and I am always glad to have a new pair of Felici socks to wear.