Two years ago, twelve pairs of socks would have seemed unattainable, but after knitting eight pairs in 2015 and nine pairs in 2016, the goal of twelve pairs seemed like a good push for me to fill out my sock drawer with brand new socks out of sock yarn that I love. Plus, there are a few groups on Ravelry that have year-round KALs that I can join in with my own goal of 12 a year.

The Sock Knitters on Ravelry are hosting few KALs during the year. Every couple of months they have a specific goal oriented/themed KAL for the different seasons. The January/Feburary KAL is “Stashbusting” where the goal is to knit socks from your stash that are more than 30 days old. It could range anywhere from making monstersocks out of leftovers to using an older skein of yarn to make a pair of socks. These themed KALs can range from being seasonal (knit a holiday pair of socks) to having a “Sock Hop” (get paired up with another person in the group and both of you knit the same pattern like you are a partner team) to anything else creative they can think of.

The big KAL they host during the year is the huge group KAL of trying to knit 5,500 socks in 2017. This is the freeform KAL where any pair of socks count. The only rule is that it has to be a pair of socks that fit on human feet. This is my favorite type of KAL because it lets me do whatever I want, whenever I want, and still be a part of a sock knitting community without feeling like I’m intruding.

The Knit Picks Lovers group on Ravelry is also hosting a KAL this year where you knit 12 pairs of socks out of 12 different colorways of Felici. This is a slightly more structured KAL with prizes and stuff that you could win (which always puts me off participating because it starts to feel like a competition after a while, but that is a personal problem and nothing against the hard work the group members are doing to make this happen). I think the idea to knit twelve things out of twelve different colorways is a good idea and it is fun to knit with people who have the same goal of knitting up what we love and not just hording it because it is a limited run. (There is also a secondary non-structured 12 Colors of Felici 2017 KAL in the group, but I don’t know how long that is going to last since it is just a glorified Felici FO thread)

Of course, there is always the Sock Knitter’s Anonymous group on Ravelry who does a yearly Sockdown full of mystery socks and monthly themes (also for a chance to win a prize for motivation). I don’t post in this group as much as I used to because of the competition aspect and because it doesn’t seem to be as open to discussion as it used to be. It is now much more focused on the monthly Sockdown only instead of discussing everything about socks, but it is still a fun group to lurk in and there are always new patterns popping up to get inspired by.

Finally, there is my home away from home on the internet: Hogwarts at Ravelry. I can post my socks in various prompts and help compete for the House Cup, the Quidditch Cup, and just have a blast in various other threads! I have to admit that this one is my community that doesn’t have to be entirely about socks, but they always support everyone with their crazy ideas! They would totally be cheering me on to reach my 12 socks in 2017 goal.