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The last few days around here have been absolute mayhem with helping my parents sell their old couch, food shopping for various meats, cooking a whole chicken, and making homemade chicken stock. Just typing that makes me looks and feel like a 1950’s housewife without the spare time to do all of the housewife duties since I have to work out of the home. Which leaves me to do what amounts to two solid jobs. Luckily, my fiance has been helping with the dishes, but he won’t touch the laundry (which is the one thing I’m really, really bad at remembering and doing consistently).


To be completely fair and honest, I haven’t been doing “all work and no play” since a new game released that I have been enjoying very much. Which is why I haven’t been knitting that much. Too much Hatsune Miku Project Diva Future Tone and not enough of everything else! The song list is huge and I have been loving every moment of it!

20170117_110957It isn’t like I have completely neglected my knitting. I have almost an entire cuff done on the second sock before I add my second color. As you can see, I did decide to go with the flip flop non-matching color switch with the cuff, heel, and toe for the second sock. I am completely in love with this vivid green! Knit Pick’s Stroll Brights are bright and vivid for the most part, but I am just in love with how bright but not retina searing the Sour Apple Green is. I was debating for ages about getting more than one ball of it and I am going to have to pick up enough to make a solid pair of socks with it.

The tricky part is going to be matching the second sock to the first sock. I am not following a pattern here and I think I remember what I was doing for the first sock. I also remember changing my mind about what stitches were slipped or not to make it easier on the needle transitions, but I’ll come to that road when I get to it. The hard part will be matching the instep of the second sock to the first part. I have three plain stitches on one side of the sock and I think only two plain stitches on the other side. Does it really make a difference in the fit of the sock? Not really, but if I want them to be completely matching, then I need to remember to actually match it. If I don’t then the vertical slipped stitch stripes will just be a tad off from each other when I wear the socks, which might be a big enough difference to annoy me.

The nice part is I don’t have to worry about any of that until I get to the heel and I have a few days of knitting to get to that point. Until then, it is going to be low stress knitting with lots of fun slipped stitches and helical striping!