Some weekends just don’t go as planned. Sometimes, they can be disappointing, but other times you just have so much fun during the weekend that you don’t know exactly how you can manage to drag yourself out of bed the next Monday when you have to act like a reasonable adult again. I am very happy to say that my weekend was a lot like the latter and nothing like the former this time!

Sadly, very little knitting happened this weekend. No great tossing of the stash for the great flash the stash of 2017 (yet) and I wasn’t at the Women’s Protest March like a lot of my friends were. Instead, my fiance and a I grabbed a friend who also works too hard during the week and went to do a little wine tasting at a local winery that opened up downtown. That tasting turned into a two shop stop when we also hit a cider bar on the way back to the house (don’t worry, we live within walking distance). We had a great time comparing wines and ciders while talking to absolute strangers who just happened to do the exact same thing! My only regret is that I got no pictures of these places to share even though I took my phone with me to take pictures.

Sometimes, knitting just takes a backseat to life with no complaints that you ignored it for most of the weekend and didn’t get to the second color like you planned during the week. But the best thing about knitting is that you can always come back to it.