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This means that occasionally when the stars align in the heavens, the library actually closes for bad weather (which has happened a couple of times this year already). Instead of being snowy and iced covered, my little town was just drenched with some rainfall. The report must have been a lot worse earlier in the morning, but I’m not complaining because I got to get caught up on a little bit of the housework.

I love how different the second sock is looking just from changing the color of the cuff.

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I even got to have a bit of time to myself to knit! For some reason, setting up this slip stitch pattern was challenging today because I couldn’t count to save myself. But I finally got it all set up and the knitting is going smoothly. Somehow, I managed to knit exactly the same pattern as the first sock (instead of changing it like I was planning to) so matching everything is going to be a breeze!

I love how just changing the color of the cuff makes the entire sock look different. I know it has the same proportion of colors in the body (the green and pink stripes are just reversed), but my eyes are convinced that the second sock is dominantly green socks. I am so happy I did this with the second sock instead of chickening out and making the second sock exactly the same as the first sock like I would normally do. I can’t help but think of these as my fun socks!

The only other exciting thing this week is that my newest Who’s Your Doctor Club Yarn from Nerd Girl Yarns came in yesterday! *spoilers ahead for those who have not gotten them yet and who want to be surprised*

The colorway is called I Make the Sweets and is on the lovely Bounce & Stomp “standard” sock yarn base. The color here is as true to life as I could possibly make it and most of the yarn is that intense bubblegum pink! A section of blue, green, yellow, and a small bit of purple runs through it and it makes me think of those old fashioned ribbon candies that my mother-in-law gets around Christmas.

I am really wishing that I got the Shimma base again because I think this would look even better with sparkles running through it. I am hoping to reorder a skein or two with sparkles to use in something, but this skein is going to be knit up into socks after I get my pink and green socks done. Of course, I have no idea what pattern I’ll want to knit with it and I’ll have to go over and wind it at my Mom’s house since she has the swift. I have time to figure that out first while I’m still working on the pink and green socks.