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I am currently having a love/hate relationship with the Find Your Fade shawl pattern by Andrea Mowry. On one hand, the concept of the pattern is super intriguing! Take a beautiful skein you love and match other skeins to it by matching one color in it to one color in the other skein. Do that with six or so skeins and you will have a beautiful custom gradient that you can knit into a big cozy shawl that will be the envy of all other knitters. I love that idea! Especially since it is so easy to grab a beautiful sock yarn skein and think that you are going to knit it up right away, then five years later you find it buried in your stash.

On the other hand, it is really, really similar to Martina Behm’s Match & Move. In fact, at first glance Find Your Fade looks like an exact copy of Match & Move until you see the close up shots that reveal a nice little lacy section. Other than that lacy section, the shape is exactly the same. Part of me feels like Find Your Fade was probably based on Match & Move just because they are so similar and that shape of shawl isn’t really a basic shape like a rectangle or a triangular or a circular shawl. But, that isn’t my main problem with Find Your Fade.

My main problem is actually the lace and the color fading idea. If you take a look at the (currently) 1,575 projects for Find Your Fade, you are treated to a glorious spectrum of color and fades! Every one is different and it is wonderful! The only trouble is with nearly 90% of those projects, the colors take the focus so much that you just don’t see the lace. It is like it isn’t even there and that is to be expected. That is why I was so convinced at first that it was just a complete rip off of Match & Move because you just can’t see the lace section.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy the pattern and that the designer is useless at coming up with her own ideas. No! Not at all! I love the idea of a huge fading custom gradient shawl and I love the idea of lace and garter stitch merged together in a shawl. I just think those two ideas don’t work together in a harmonious way and I personally wouldn’t put in the effort with a fantastically crazy shaded shawl with openwork in it. I would totally take the concept of the Find Your Fade and merge it with the solid garter stitch Match & Move and let the colors take center stage like they are clearly meant to be.

That being said, I have been totally obsessed with finding the perfect fade myself. I have put together three separate colorways in two days. Now I get to do it again so that I will have a more subtle colorway that will allow the lace to shine as well as the colors. As far as the Match & Move goes, I might have at least four different colorways planned for it using multiple gradient idea and with two single colors like Martina used. I hope I like wearing big shawls, because I’m going to make at least two of them.