I hate clothes shopping with a passion. I like looking at clothes, but the idea of spending extra time trying them on is horribly demotivating for me. Too much time wasted on something so trivial as clothes led me to a life filled with blue jeans and t-shirts for the longest time. It didn’t matter that clothes are a completely necessary part of life (especially up here in the chilly north). As long as I could keep myself out of the clothing department full of ill fitting garments, the happier I was.

The only problem with that is sometimes you run out of clothes. Especially when you forget that you have your own washing machine and dryer and don’t have to stick to a strict schedule of clothes washing.

Which led me to grabbing my work pants and (out of a brief moment of panic) grabbed one of my fiance’s sweaters to try on so I could have something decent to wear to work. Now, my fiance is a good six feet tall while I am only a fairly petite (and stouter than I care to admit) five foot two. I figured that I would have to disguise the fact that was dealing with a vastly oversized sweater. Imagine my surprise when the sweater fit my frame nearly perfectly with a lovingly cozy oversized touch.

I understand the "Boyfriend Sweater" now and I need to make one for myself!

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I understand why it is a cliche that girls love stealing their boyfriend’s sweaters now. Since he is bigger than me, the sweater has at least two to three inches of positive ease on me. This makes for a relaxed fit. The long ribbing on the sleeves also helps to keep the sleeves in place so they don’t slouch down over my hands.

Surprisingly, my favorite thing about the fit of his sweater are the sleeves. They are just plain dropped sleeves that are surprisingly not boxy on me. Maybe it is because I have such narrow shoulders the dropped sleeves help make it look like I have wider shoulders? I’m not quite sure if that is the reason, but I would be much more willing to spend the time making a dropped shoulder sweater for myself to find out.

I know there is at least one knitting book out there dedicated to making Boyfriend Sweaters for women and because of this experience wearing an actual sweater and not one of his oversized (for him) pullovers, I would me much more willing to go check it out and see what tips they have for making oversized sweaters for women.