Sometimes, you just need to stop what you are doing and abandon yourself to the enjoyment of listening to music. After all, music is the perfect thing to listen to while you are knitting. There is nothing to distract you from looking at your needles and when you get in a good groove of music listening and knitting the rows just fly from your needles!

The only sad part is that there is a lack of songs about knitting, but the ones that are out there are priceless. I’ve put together a list of my top five favorite knitting songs out there for your personal musical enjoyment. Sit down, grab your knitting and some wine (or your favorite beverage of choice), and enjoy these showstopping tunes.

5. The Knitting Song by Bill Oddie

An oldie but a goodie. The bouncy tune just calls for dancing and knitting. You know the song gets stuck in your head when you find yourself wanting to belt out “knit one! purl one!”. This song also gets props for actually trying to teach you to knit.

4. The Knitting Song by Sophie Madeleine

A sweet little sad love song that is more about romance than knitting, but cozy lyrics and a smooth melody makes you smile anyway.

3. The Never Not Knitting Theme Song

This song about a knitter is a cute rendition of what happens when knitting takes up too much of a priority.

2. Pardon Me (I Didn’t Knit That For You) by Kay Gardner and Ann Shayne

Knitting songs cover all genres including country. The first time I head this, I couldn’t stop laughing. It is the perfect blend of melancholy and hard truths that will have you smiling all day long. Plus, their wigs in the video are priceless.

  1. It’s Brioche Stitch by Stephen West and Crew

The pinnacle of knitting weirdness is Stephen West. He can easily be described as the Lady Gaga of the knitting world these days, but we wouldn’t trade him (or his creative designs) for the world. You have to admit it takes a special person to look good in a spiky jumpsuit while draped with colorful handknits.