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Sometimes, it is just better to accept things when they happen. Like when snow comes your way and dumps a pile of white fluffy snowflakes on your house and you see it start because you happen to be up at three in the morning to take one of your dogs outside for a potty break.

This is the view outside my front door this morning.

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It doesn’t matter that you are the only capable adult in the house that can shovel snow. It doesn’t matter if both of your puppies get a slight case of cabin fever when you are trying to do a side job for some extra cash. Things will happen when they happen even if you try really hard to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Sometimes, accepting that your rambunctious puppy zoomed around the house with your knitting bag twice, even though you swear you put it up high enough that he couldn’t jump to get it, is really difficult to do. It’s even more difficult when you open it up to check it to see the stitches came off of your needles.

#whenknittingattacks #whenpuppiesgetyourknittingbag #atleastitwasonlytheheelflap

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At least it was just the heel flap.