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As all of you may have guessed if you read my last post, I am taking a knitting break because I really can’t watch the puppy and knit at the same time. He simply wouldn’t behave for long enough and he always wanted to get up into my hands (plus, he loves string). So, I have found myself watching a lot of videos on YouTube.


It started off innocently enough. I’ve been on a learn everything about brioche kick, so I’ve been looking up everything to do with brioche as a technique. For some reason, brioche made me think of the movie Labyrinth. Don’t know why or how, but I ended up watching Bowie sing and dance and charm his way into my heart (yet again) as Jareth the Goblin King.

One of my favorite parts in the movie is when Jareth plays with his crystals. They look so ethereal and magical and I wondered what in the world it was called if you actually did that. With a quick YouTube search, I was off on my way to have my weekend completely taken over by watching crystal manipulation or (as it is more commonly known) contact juggling.

To my vastly untrained eye, contact juggling looks like part balance, part illusion, and part magic.

Sadly, most of the best videos are from several years ago, but they are still really fun to watch.

I even found Michael Moschen, the juggler that preformed in Labyrinth, and he is mesmerizing to watch.

Of course, now I am all sorts of inspired to try to learn this even if it is only to impress people with one move and sell myself as a legit Goblin King for Halloween.