This is more of a check-in post than anything. I am finally back at home after a full week of crazy busy dog sitting. The only bad thing is that both my fiance and my dad caught colds on their trip and we have little or no groceries in the apartment since I was going to be at a different place during the whole week.

I haven’t fully unpacked from the trip yet and I haven’t even thought about getting out my knitting. I was going to say that I haven’t even thought at all about knitting since falling down the contact juggling rabbit hole, but that is a lie. I have had fantasy knitting of making wonderful brioche shawls and cowls!

Hopefully by the end of the week things will have settled back down a bit and I will have gotten back to my knitting. Especially since I will have to retire one of my pairs of older hand knit socks at the end of the day today and commercial socks just aren’t as comfortable.