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I’m going to go completely off topic for a while about something that is really bothering me that doesn’t revolve around any sort of knitting or crafting in general. What it does revolve around is the apparent lack of any sort of community in the lolita fashion and ball jointed doll world.

Five years ago there was a big boom in all sorts of doll blogs and lolita fashion blogs. There were forums based on them and all sorts of tutorials. They were two very different, very diverse, and very fun communities to be in. Now, the biggest communities dedicated to these are still here (EGL on Livejournal and Den of Angels with BJDs), but they are really, terribly slow with the same topic threads staying on the same page because nobody wants to make any new topics. I know with Den of Angels, creating new topics is almost against the rules because there are only so many new ways you can discuss a thing and the moderators just whoosh everything together.

Not only that, almost all of the bigger names in blogging have all but disappeared as well. I understand that times change and fashions change. We are all getting older and busier, but even knitting blogs are taking a big hit. At least with knitting we are lucky to have Ravelry, but there is no Ravelry for ball jointed dolls or the Lolita Fashion. I wish there was, because that would be amazing.

I guess I am just frustrated because I finally have the time and energy to enjoy these hobbies, but all the community that there was has seemingly dried up. It isn’t going to effect my plans of doing these things, but it would be nice to have a group of people I could join to talk about things with so my fiance doesn’t have to pretend to listen to me 100% of the time. Really, while he supports me with everything I want to do, there is only so much listening about fashion that a guy can take and I can totally understand that.

Anyway, thanks to my wonderful readers for letting me vent about something that is totally (for now) off topic. Now to go back and keep knitting on my shawl. More pictures of that to come on Friday!