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marled-magicThe only thing I don’t like about springtime is bringing the clock forward with Daylight Savings Time. And seasonal allergies, but that is a special case with me since I am allergic to nearly all type of trees in the northern US. But it doesn’t feel like spring yet because we just got hit with snow that stuck to the grass and sidewalks last Friday! They are even calling for a snowstorm tomorrow that is supposed to drop 8-12 inches of the white fluffy stuff on the ground. This morning is cold enough that I just might believe them for once.

But, discussion about the weirdness of Pennsylvanian weather in March is not what you came here hoping to read about. You came here hoping that I finally updated with my knitting like I have been promising for the past half a week. If you are a regular that comes back to my blog after my weak updating habits, then thank you for coming back! Knowing that I’m not alone in the knitting wilderness is lovely to know.

Just finished the first section of the first clue in the #marledmagicmkal.

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I finally finished section one of the first clue in the Marled Magic MKAL! I didn’t use all of my color that I pulled out for the shawl yet because I fell in love with how the light blue looked with the deep gray that was the constant color for this section. The lace was pretty easy, but as you can tell I did make a few mistakes that I just fudge fixed here and there. That is what happens when you knit on things after coming back from a cider bar date and deciding to knit in the half dark. I’m just hoping on the rest of the knitting to even out the left edge a bit, but it will still look good even if it stays a little wavy.

The hard part was picking up the stitches for the next section. I am so used to knitting socks and picking up every stitch on the heel flap that I picked up far too many stitches at first. Instead of having the neater and tinier edge stitch pick up row, I decided to follow Stephen’s advice and just pick up the stitches in the eyelets on the edge. It will be a bit bulkier on the wrong side, but it is a shawl! And it will be a wild shawl at that, so I don’t mind a little bit of bulk for one section.

My knitting will be on hold for a little while because I have to wind up all of the little hanks of yarn that are in my bag. I didn’t pre-wind before the madness started, so I have to take time out of my knitting to wind my yarn. My Mom did loan me her swift though so I won’t have to use my fiance as my swift like he has done for the past two hanks of yarn. I just didn’t feel like winding little balls of yarn yesterday, so I’ll have to work on it today if I want to get caught up with the rest of the clues.