It has been about a week or so and I just haven’t been knitting at all. I’ve been doing lots of other things and attempting to make my house spotless. I didn’t even look at the clue for the last part of the mystery shawl I’ve been knitting. Some weeks are just like that.

Luckily, something yarn related did happen this morning that was shocking enough to make me want to pick up at least one of my projects again. My Mom called me this morning and asked if I would like to go with her to Maryland Sheep and Wool! You have to understand that my Mom doesn’t really like to travel and it is a bit farther away than Rhinebeck, but she wants to go anyway.

Of course I would love to go with my Mom to Maryland Sheep and Wool! What yarn obsessed daughter wouldn’t want to spend a day yarn shopping and having fun with her mom?

I need to get a pair of socks finished so I can wear them on the trip!