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While the knitting hasn’t been going anywhere at all, I decided to switch it up a bit and  do something else. A month ago, I got my March 2017 shipment of Nerd Girl Yarn’s Who’s Your Doctor Club. Instead of going with another batch of yarn, I decided to get some Shetland wool to practice on before I tackle my 16 ounces of white Shetland.

Who Club Spoilers! I went with fiber this time instead of yarn. Swipe for details ♡

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This colorway is called I Stole a Timelord and I Ran Away which is a reference to “The Doctor’s Wife” episode with the tenth Doctor.  The colors in the picture just don’t do it justice because the blue in the picture is more teal colored and the brown is slightly more of a taupe bronze color.

Spinning up my #nerdgirlyarns Who Club while watching NXT Takeover Orlando with my fiancé.

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After a small fiasco where I didn’t set up my wheel right and wasted a little tuft of material, I got everything up and spinning fine! I was going to make a two ply, but my impatience got the better of me and I didn’t think these colors would look very good heavily mixed together. So, chain plying it was!

I'm having a hard time capturing the color in the morning light, but the first bobbin is done!

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I am very happy with the way the first half came out. I still have two more ounces to spin and ply before I can see how much yardage I got out of this colorway. I have fallen out of practice a bit with spinning since I’ve moved to my apartment (and this is the first spin since the move!), but it looks like I managed to get a fairly consistent fingering weight on most of it. Unless it puffs up in the wash, but I won’t know if that will happen until I skein it up and give it a nice soak.