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Moving from one place to another always has a toll in missing and misplaced supplies. I spent months looking for one pair of US 5 circular needles only to finally find them (along with my missing nostepinne) in the front pouch of my wheel bag. In hindsight, this makes perfect sense because I had already packed all of my other knitting supplies and I was spinning on the wheel right before the move. It was only logical to put both the nostepinne and the circular needles I had just finished Hitchhiker on in there. Good thing I didn’t break down and buy another set of needle tips for that size yet.

Instead of winding up another hank of yarn and casting on another pair of socks immediately, I decided to take those missing needles and cast on a new project. I don’t have the willpower to rip out and re-knit my Hitchhiker yet, so I decided to go with another Martina Behm shawl: Lintilla.

Lintilla is a pretty little asymmetrical shawl with ruffles on it. Simple, cute, easy, right? Well, all of those ruffles are done with short rows. Regular old fashioned wrap-and-turn-and-pick-up-the-wraps short rows. The type of short row that I always got holes with no matter what I did. It turns out, I was picking up the wrap backwards and making it harder for myself. As with most things with knitting, mastering a skill is mostly practice. By the time I get done with this shawl, I’ll be a short row master. Who knows? Maybe I’ll actually try a short row heel again.