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Nobody in this house blinks their eyes when a large box enters anymore. Normally, these boxes are full of yarn or fiber, but boxes full of softly squishy wool don’t proclaim FRAGILE YOU FOOL in big block letters. This times, it is something much bigger than a box of wool anyway, so if it was full of yarn my fiance might have staged an intervention at that point. Or at least asked me why I didn’t talk to him before ordering a big box of yarn right before Maryland Sheep and Wool.


20170417_173953Instead, this box contained a magical shipping device inside: another box! In all seriousness, I might have been squeeling at this point while opening everything because I love Crypton’s Vocaloid Idols and Hatsune Miku is one of my top two favorites.

I have been wanting a big girl doll for a long time. I grew up with an 18 inch Magic Attic Doll (the modern fantasy version of the more historical American Girl dolls) so my requirement was to get a doll bigger than that. Besides, bigger dolls would be easier to do in scale knitting for, right?

I’ve been bouncing back and forth between different companies ever since discovering the Ball Jointed Doll (BJD) hobby back in 2009. I’ve gone between liking very realistic dolls best to wanting nothing more than a complete fantasy doll then back again to wanting something more realistic and less stylized.  Which is why I could never make up my mind on any of the big girls out there. I am nothing if not picky.

The one company that I’ve always come back to is Volks. From what I understand, they are one of the pioneers of the modern BJD hobby where dolls are made out of resin and have ball joints for articulation. They have beautiful dolls, but all of the smaller dolls they have are very flat chested and look very childlike. I wanted a doll that could do cute and innocent to punk rock and sexy along with everything in between.

That’s when I took a serious look at the very much not resin Dollfie Dreams. They are made out of vinyl and contain an internal skeleton instead of being made out of resin and strung with elastic.  Because they are made differently, they are supposed to be lighter and can hold poses easier. Plus, they have optional parts that can be easily swapped out if you prefer. Different hand parts for different poses, gripping hands so they can actually hold things, and different bust sizes so you can have a bigger chestier girl one day or a petite small chested girl the next. Really, all it does is make it easier to customize your girl to your liking even after you own her.

20170417_174140While I was researching different sculpts for Dollfie Dreams, I came across references to Hatsune Miku. I loved how she looked in pictures and how she managed to fit every style she was put in. But, she was a limited sculpt and it had been a few years since they released the original Miku. I had just missed being able to get the re-released Snow Miku (who was sculpted slightly different to give her bigger eyes and a cuter look). While she was adorable, I really preferred the original Miku and I really liked her original outfit that came with her.

So, I was super excited when the opportunity came up for me to purchase her from Volks USA with their recent web event with a little bit of help from my fiance.

Miku came very nicely wrapped up in a bubble wrap mummy in her box. She is also held in place with ribbons so she doesn’t shift around in travel. She is also inside another bag of plastic underneath the bubble wrap in this picture. If there is one thing that Volks does fantastically well, it is their safe and secure packaging. Even the inner box was wrapped up in bubble wrap to protect it from the outer shipping box.


It took me more time to put her wig on and get her shoes on correctly than it did getting the rest of her outfit on. She is just so adorable! Her wig is a little flyaway at the moment because I don’t have a proper doll hairbrush, but everything about her is perfect! Her outfit is super detailed and she does have proper sculpted lips. They are just painted very naturally so they don’t stick out much. Even her fingernails came painted.

She is a bit finicky to pose, but I am sure most of that is just because I’m not used to handling and balancing a bigger doll. She does stand by herself without the help of a stand, though I can see how having a stand would be very helpful for some cuter and more dynamic poses.


I can’t wait to start knitting for her! Her twin tails make it hard to put hats on her, so she won’t be getting any hats until I either make or buy her a different wig. But, I can see lots of doll sweaters in the future. Along with some smaller needles so I can expirament in scaling down human sized patterns for her. I have to admit, I still love playing dress up. It is just a lot harder to dress me up in something I like and a lot easier to dress a doll up in anything I want. Plus, she is the perfect size to learn how to sew and has proportions that are a lot more like an adult instead of a kid.

The knitting content will come back on Friday! Until then, have a cat and a box: